It all began on Salt Spring Island…

Raw Saltspring Rhodonite[row][column span=”1″][/column][column span=”5″][lead align=”default”]I stood on top of the mountain holding a black rock. The rock seemed almost too black… Breaking it open exposed its secret: the most vivacious deep pink one could imagine.[/lead][/column][column span=”5″]In my hand was a piece of gem-quality rhodonite born 300 million years ago when few creatures even lived on land.
I was instantly humbled by an understanding bigger than myself and moved by the beauty of the rock I held. I wouldn’t call it an epiphany as much as a brief glance into the abyss of time–a moment of clarity.
Ever since that day on the mountain, I’ve been on a mission to understand geology, nature, and the meaning of beauty.
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…And that is how I accidentally became a jewellery designer.


[row]DJ getting ready to pour ingots[/row][row][column span=”2″][/column]


[row][column span=”2″][/column][column span=”7″]Lake & Co. is a microcosm of how I wish the world worked.

A place where I don’t have to worry that the materials used are ruining a jungle somewhere. A world that embraces love, honesty, and happiness above greed. In this little world, no one has to read the fine print: there isn’t any. If you’re happy, I’m happy. If I screw up, I’ll make it right.

Daily work revolves around raw wholesome materials like rocks, wood, silver, gold, and beeswax. I make what you might call ‘Slow Jewellery’. It’s made quite traditionally, by hand, here on a little island in Canada.

This all came about rather unexpectedly over time, as a natural progression of my passions.

But at it’s most basic,
Lake&Co. is my personal pursuit of truth and timeless beauty. [/column][row]

Finding the true meaning of jewellery fascinates me…


[row][column span=”6″]Conglomerate on Saltspring[/column][column span=”5″]
[lead align=”default”]Jewellery, at its best, is not valued for the sum you spent on it, the karat number, or the carat number.[/lead]
The sentimental value, the important value of jewellery is the story that comes with it.Whether it’s your grandmother’s wedding ring or a gift from a friend, it’s often the history behind a piece of jewellery that makes you feel something.

The stories jewellery has told are many: of great kings, pirates, princesses and unrequited love.
Yet these stories are human stories: the last word of the last chapter, if you will.

We are late-comers.

The full story of jewellery spans geologic time–that immense and deep well of natural history that we can but peer into.
The reality of gemstone jewellery is that all the gemstones we love and wear were made before humans walked the Earth. The same goes for silver and gold.

So the story of jewellery doesn’t begin when you buy a piece. The story began a very long time ago indeed.
Keeping this in mind, I like to challenge common ideals of beauty in gemstones. I search for stones that have a deeper beauty beyond their face value. The stones I cut are either pleasing to the eye or the mind…and usually both.

Lake&Co. is less about the big shiny rocks that celebs wear and more about understated examples of nature’s genius.
You may not find the latest tanzanite briolettes here, but if you’re willing to listen, each piece has a story.[/column][/row]