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Every piece is designed and created from the ground up



[row]Salt Spring Rhodonite and moss- Lake&Co. Jewellery[/row][row][column span=”2″][/column]

The Difference

[row][column span=”2″][/column][column span=”7″]How much better do you know a stone when you mine it yourself?

A lot better.
Having such a close relationship with the source of gem material is something few designers can claim.

By mining on a small scale, mostly by hand, I gain a deep understanding of the stones context in the landscape, as well as the range of colour, texture and physical properties.
Lake&Co. uses the oldest gem supplier in the business: the Earth.

The end result feels right, because the design and the story of the stone are entwined. [/column][row]

It’s not just what it’s made of, but how jewellery is made…



hammered earrings being made the old way. Sitting on anvil block.

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Old World Craftsmanship

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What’s the secret to old world crafstmanship?

There’s no secret. Making heirloom jewellery means using quality materials, skill, and plenty of time.

Lake&Co. jewellery is 100% handmade, using only pure, quality materials like sterling silver and gold.
All the stones are cut by hand to the best design for each individual stone. It’s as far from “cookie cutter” as is possible.

No two pieces are exactly the same, because no two rocks are the same and no two hammer blows are the same. This is the appeal of handcraft.


Owning a truly unique piece of jewellery brings you into the world of the artisan. [/column][/row]