Petroglyph I

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Petroglyph Face

The most famous Salt Spring Petroglyph depicts a seal. You can see it at Drummond Park in Fulford Harbour. But everyone knows about that one…

In my wanderings, I’ve found a couple of other petroglyphs around the island. I don’t really know if these are common knowledge, or even if people find this as interesting as I do!


The most recent one was found as I was clambering over some boulders, only to find a face in the rock staring back up at me.

At first I couldn’t tell If I was seeing things, but it certainly seemed like a face. Why was it there and how old was it?


“Is it a kids carving?” I wondered.

The lines were so worn, it seems like it must be very old. That’s really all I can tell you.

I did play around with some archaeology software to “catalog” it as best I could. That image above has been orthorectified and stippled, making an accurate copy of the petroglyph that makes it easy to see the pattern as it was meant to be.

It’s about a foot from top to bottom, so bigger than lifesize.

Here’s a 3d model of the surface…it’s pretty darn accurate and shows how weathered the face is. No guarantees that this will work on everyone’s computer, and the file is about 10mb, but if you wait a few minutes for it to load, it’s pretty neat to see:

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